Our Curriculum

At Beaufront First School we provide children with a broad and balanced curriculum. We aim to develop pupils’ skills and knowledge in line with the National Curriculum for England. To help you support your child we are publishing year group topic webs, so you can see the range of topics to be covered each term.

Click here to see the new National Curriculum document.

Phonics/Reading Scheme

At Beaufront First School in Reception and KS1 we follow Letters and Sounds as the basis of our phonics teaching. In addition we use aspects of Read Write Inc. to further illustrate the vital links between sounds and letters to give extra support to some learners. Our teaching is carefully differentiated to meet the needs of all our children.

Our reading scheme is structured around the Oxford Reading Tree scheme but is now greatly extended. We use a variety of other “scheme” books at every stage and in addition in every classroom there are books to develop understanding and discussion which the children are encouraged to take home and share with parents. The children are encouraged to take ownership of their own reading and choose their own books as soon as they feel confident to do so.


Starting school is one of the biggest, most important events in a child’s life. Here at Beaufront we endeavour to make sure that each and every child is given the best possible start to their education within a safe, secure and nurturing environment. Children feel valued and cared for, and as such they are excited to learn and achieve, to take measured risks, and to face challenges with a positive attitude.

Learning experiences should always be meaningful and this must be the case for each child. As such, the Reception curriculum is broad and varied, and while long term and medium term plans are in place, planning changes and evolves regularly to account for the children’s needs and interests, and to reflect upon the events within our wider world. This ensures that children gain valuable knowledge and skills, and that children are able to contribute their ideas and skills, which enables them to feel that they can achieve the goals set for them. Teaching is always carefully planned and is highly reflective so as to ensure that progress is being made in fun, engaging and practical ways.

Our children leave Reception happy, settled and enthusiastic about learning, ready for their next steps whatever they might be.

Class 1

At Beaufront First School, Year 1 and Year 2 children are taught together as Class 1. We emphasize working together in different groupings regarding both ability and age. We find that this approach builds self- confidence, responsibility for one’s self and raises aspirations for all.

English and maths are taught on an annual rotation – the Y1 children studying the Y1 programme of study and the Y2 children the Y2 programme of study. This structure affords us the opportunity to teach a highly differentiated programme offering challenge and support for all.

The science curriculum along with the curricula for foundation subjects are organised into a two year cycle of topics with appropriate differentiation for all.

We aim to prepare our pupils to be lifelong learners and to educate them to become caring citizens of a modern multicultural Britain. In seeking to cover the required skills for individual subjects specified by the 2014 National Curriculum, we have also tried to build an interesting and engaging curriculum which reflects our local area and our children’s interests. Some of the work will be presented as cross curricular “topics” or themes but individual skills and knowledge required according to the National Curriculum, are woven into the lessons.

Class 2

Year 3 and 4 children are organised within Class 2 along a similar structure to Class 1. The overriding focus within years 3 and 4 is to build skills that will provide a very secure base for middle school education. Great emphasis is placed on developing resilience and determination to succeed along with building the confidence to support one’s peers and know one’s own strengths and areas for improvement.

Whole School Curriculum

As a small school where all staff know each child well, we have a unique opportunity to present some of our teaching and learning in a whole school context. We do this in the following ways.

PE across the school

PE provision at Beaufront First School is seen as essential for the development of the whole child. We aim to provide first class PE teaching and learning opportunities so that all children can find an activity that they can be enthusiastic about in a supportive and encouraging setting. For each year group provision is provided by Beaufront First School staff and our specialist PE coach. All children swim weekly from Reception onwards. We take every opportunity to take part in intra Hexham Partnership (and other) competitions, especially in KS2. Cricket Coaching is a summer highlight, taught by one of our Governors alongside school staff.

Personal, Social Health Education (PSHE) at Beaufront

PSHE is taught in each classroom but in addition it is addressed through many of our whole school events and assemblies. Please look at the attached document for details.

French teaching and learning

Mrs Jackie Hughes teaches French to Reception and Class 1 on Friday afternoons. Our aim is to encourage a love of languages from an early age and to build age appropriate skills right from the start. Mr Hulbert then continues the French teaching in Class 2.

Whole school days

Throughout the year we have days, often with a PSHE focus, where we group the children in groups of 10 or so mixed age children and provide a range of varied activities (for example, garden days, friendship day, days with a creative focus).

Assessment – Life without Levels

This past year has seen a signifiant change in education. There are changes nationally to both the curriculum and to assessment. The PDF available to download below aims to provide you with information about what is changing and how it will affect your child.

If you require any further information about our curriculum please do not hesitate to contact the school via the admin address