School Gallery

We hope you enjoy looking at some great photos of activities and events in our school.

Class 1 Polar Topic

Class 1 really enjoyed our topic about the Arctic and the Antarctic this Spring Term. We have been doing non-fiction writing about polar animals, have used the ‘PicCollage’ App on our ipads to make posters about polar animals, have written poems and letters about polar animals, as well as leaning about the Poles in Science and Geography.

Class 1 Toys in the Past

Class 1 really enjoyed learning about ‘Toys in the Past’ before Christmas. We looked at toys that our parents and grandparents played with when they were young and compared them to modern toys. Poppy and Teddy’s Grandma came into school and told us all about the toys she used to play with. We also had a go at making our own cup and ball games and had great fun trying to get the ball in the cup!

Northumberland Schools Cross Country Championship

During the Autumn term Year 3 and 4 pupils competed against many of the top runners in the Northumberland Schools Cross Country Championship at Gateshead International Stadium. The children all completed the challenging course successfully and proudly represented our school.

Friendship Day

On Thursday 2nd February the whole school celebrated Friendship Day. The day gave pupils the opportunity to learn more about their rights as children and to begin work as a UNICEF Rights Respecting School. During the day all pupils took part in a range of activities designed to make them think about their rights and responsibilities.

Our Beaufront Friendship Totems are inspired by North American Totem Poles. We chose animals whose qualities inspire us or celebrate our own characteristics and strengths. The crossed arrow symbol between the Totems is the North American symbol for friendship.

Mini Great North Run

In September 2016 many pupils from Beaufront First School competed in the Mini Great North Run in Newcastle upon Tyne. All the children completed the 1.5km course in record time. Many thanks to Alex Jackson who helped us arrange this event.

Programming Workshop

Thank you to Steve Robson for visiting our school in November and working with our Year 3 and 4 children on programming movable toys. The children thoroughly enjoyed their morning working with Big Traks toys and programming them to complete certain tasks.

Reception Apple Picking

Each year the Reception class at Beaufront are privileged to enjoy a wonderful trip to Shelagh’s beautiful garden to pick apples and other seasonal fruit. Shelagh has been part of our school community for a good number of years and every child at Beaufront can remember their Reception trip to her garden!

This year’s Reception class were very excited to carry on this lovely tradition and had a great time walking safely to her house, playing in the large garden, eating a lovely picnic lunch, and picking apples and pears. They tasted all the nicer for being hand-picked by Shelagh and Mr Darling (who has also been part of this early school experience for a number of years)!

Back at school we made apple and pear crumble and used some of the windfall fruits to make lovely printing patterns.

The Sandwich that Reception Made

As part of our healthy eating and instruction writing themes, we have been designing and making sandwiches. At first, we followed the story of ‘The Sandwich that Max Made’ and made the exact same sandwich as Max. We said the rhymes and ‘assembled’ the sandwich, giving verbal instructions for making the sandwich was we did it. It was tasty! Afterwards, we chose our own ingredients from the story and changed the sandwich slightly to suit our own tastes. Once we had made and eaten the sandwiches we sequenced and wrote our own rhyming story for ‘The Sandwich that Reception Made’. Our final challenge was to write some simple sentences using pictures, words and captions.

Reception Fairytale Walk

We have been on a walk into our school woods today to look for fairytale settings and character props. We found lots of natural materials and used our imaginations to look for where fairies and other magical creatures might live, and what they might use in the woods. We had lots of fun and our exploring has given us plenty of ideas to use when we create our own fairy tale stories!