Our Staff

Mrs Eileen Daniel

Headteacher & Key Stage 1 Teacher

Subject Co-ordinator / Key Role: Science; PSHE; KS1

Mrs Gemma Boucetla

Reception Teacher

Subject Co-ordinator / Key Role: EYFS; Literacy; Art; Unicef accreditation joint lead

Mrs Jackie Hughes

Key Stage 1 Teacher

Subject Co-ordinator / Key Role: KS1; ICT; Humanities; French

Mr Ben Hulbert

Key Stage 2 Teacher

Subject Co-ordinator / Key Role: KS2; Maths; PE; Unicef accreditation joint lead

Mrs Angela Mole

Teaching Assistant KS1

Subject Co-ordinator / Key Role: Emotional Wellbeing

Mrs Louise Atkinson

Teaching Assistant

Subject Co-ordinator / Key Role: E-safety; Healthy Eating and Healthy Schools accreditation

Mrs Becky Baker

Teaching Assistant

Subject Co-ordinator / Key Role: Interventions, Key Stage 1/Key Stage 2 support

Mrs Fran Booth


Mrs June Blaylock

Cook / Unit Manager

Key Role: Healthy Eating and Healthy Schools accreditation

Mrs Shirley Byerley

Catering Assistant / Teaching Assistant

Key Role: Healthy Eating and Healthy Schools accreditation

Mrs Liza Hamer


Key Role: Health & Safety Co-ordinator

Safeguarding and SEN Roles

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL): Mrs Eileen Daniel (Headteacher)

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mr Ben Hulbert

Staff member trained in Safer Recruitment: Mrs Eileen Daniel

Child Protection Team Members: Mrs Angela Mole, Mrs Jackie Hughes, Mrs June Blaylock, Mrs Louise Atkinson, Mrs Shirley Byerley, Mrs Liza Hamer

Children’s Champion: Mrs Fran Booth

Emotional Literacy Support Assistant: Mrs Angela Mole

Strategic Prevent Lead / Single Point of Contact for Prevent (SPoC): Mrs Eileen Daniel

SENDCO: Mrs Eileen Daniel

Interventions Advisor: Mrs Denise Condren

E-safety Co-ordinator: Mrs Louise Atkinson

Deputy E-safety Co-ordinator: Mrs Jackie Hughes

E-Safety Team Members: Mrs Eileen Daniel, Mrs Fran Booth, Mrs Liza Hamer


BFS is a participating member of the “Operation Encompass” initiative to safeguard children who are affected by domestic abuse.