Beaufront Parent Teacher Association

The PTA is a non profit-making registered charity providing an opportunity for the parents to play an active role in supporting the school, staff and governors. Membership of the PTA is open to all parents, past parents and guardians of children attending the school, and school staff. There is no membership subscription.

The PTA’s objectives are “to further the education of the pupils of the school”, and we aim to achieve this by:

  • Bringing home and school closer together by encouraging liaison between parents (or guardians), governors and teachers and therefore encourage an exchange of ideas.
  • Promoting greater understanding by parents (and guardians) of the educational practices and facilities in which their children are involved.
  • Increasing the facilities available in the school over and above those supplied by the educational authorities taking such actions as may be necessary for the benefit of the school.

Officers and members of the committee are elected at the AGM and meet regularly throughout the year. The present committee and charity trustees are:

  • Eileen Daniel (Headteacher & PTA President)
  • Zoe Parker-Smissen (Chair)
  • Karen Hicks/Flora Littler (Secretary)
  • Gavin Sewell (Treasurer)
  • Louise Atkinson (PTA Teaching Representative)
  • Emily Gibson, Anita Kiss & Beth Innes (Committee Support members)

The PTA is for everyone and you should feel able to contribute in your own preferred way, for example by attending meetings or by volunteering for particular events.

The PTA is a registered charity (Charity number: 1104288) and is non profit-making. The committee members are trustees of the charity and take their responsibilities seriously.

Beaufront First School supports – an easy way for retailers to donate commission to our school PTA for purchases made online by you.