Playground Buddies

At Beaufront First School, all children are encouraged to show kindness and respect towards each other. We feel that part of growing up and developing as an individual is to take responsibility for the wellbeing of others.

Year 4 children are given the opportunity to take on the more formal role of ‘Playground Buddy’. This involves making a written application for the ‘post of Playground Buddy’. Candidates are then ‘interviewed’ by Mrs Daniel, the Head Teacher and ‘appointed’ if they meet the following criteria of the ‘Job Description’:

  • Show kindness to others
  • Be prepared, at all times, to put the needs of others before their own
  • Observe the behaviour of other children in the playground
  • Support any child who seems to be in difficulty or upset
  • Offer others reassurance
  • Seek to find a friend for any child who seems to have no-one to play with
  • Tell the adult/adults on duty about potentially dangerous situations
  • Lead a child to an adult who can give First Aid, if appropriate
  • Deal fairly with all children
  • Value every child who belongs to Beaufront First School and  treat them with respect.