Winter Weather Procedures

This is to inform all parents of our procedures in snowy or very inclement weather.

Mrs Daniel, our Head Teacher has a 4-wheel drive vehicle and is confident that she will be able to get into school in all but the most severe conditions. As a result, we suggest that parents should always assume that school will be open and that the decision about whether individual families should travel will be entirely up to the parents of that family. It may be worth suggesting that in poor conditions, parents delay setting out until road conditions improve and early morning traffic has cleared.

We will organise resources in school so that appropriate work is made available to all pupils who attend whether their own teacher is able to access school or not.

In the very unlikely event that Mrs Daniel is unable to get into school during adverse weather conditions and it is necessary to close the school, the following procedures will apply in the order specified below:

  • Mrs Daniel will contact Northumberland County Council who will post the closure on their website. NCC will also publicise any closure on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Mrs Daniel will also contact Radio Newcastle (95.4FM) and inform them of the closure.
  • We will also update the school website with closure information.

If snowy conditions persist through the day, we will take advantage of them and playtimes may offer an opportunity for sledging. Please send appropriate outerwear for your children and spare clothes – especially extra socks and gloves in a named bag. Named sledges may be left in the playground.

Bad weather during the day

During inclement weather, we will monitor the Met Office website during the day, so that any severe weather warnings or alerts can be responded to.

If we wish to advise parents of deteriorating weather conditions during the day, we will use parentmail/email as our ‘emergency alert scheme’. Any parents not on parentmail/email will be contacted by telephone. We will also endeavour to place an alert on the school website.